"Data" Transfer from Shopify to PayPal

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When the app is transferring your store order tracking information to PayPal, there is a certain requirement from the PayPal end that needs to be submitted with order(s) tracking number.

PayPal prerequisites are listed below:-

Carrier Name (required)

Courier Company Name is required by PayPal with a tracking number(s). PayPal only accepts certain Courier Company and has provided supported Courier company list here. The list contains the Supported Courier with their respective "Codes". We need to submit these PayPal defined codes in order to tell PayPal what Courrier Company the tracking number(s) belongs to.

What happens when you try to sync Courier that isn't on the list?
PayPal marks the Courier company name as "other".

Does UpTrack Matches My Courier Name with the PayPal Courier Name Code List?

UpTrack detects and matches at least 99% of the Courier names that are uploaded on Shopify during the fulfillment with the PayPal codes.

Transaction ID (required)

UpTrack sends the Transaction ID of the Shopify order(s) with the associated tracking number of that order(s), which helps PayPal to detect and understand, the respective tracking number for the respective order/transaction.
I am not using Shopify Default Checkout! Would UpTrack work for me?
At the moment UpTrack only supports TeleCheckout, InterCart, and OCU by Zipify.

Shipping Status (required)

With the tracking number, shipping status is also required by PayPal to validate the respective Transaction status. However, Shipping Status(s) are independent of the presence of the tracking number. Like for digital orders, there is no need for tracking numbers to be submitted to PayPal and can be directly marked as shipped.

Available Shipping Status(s) are


At the moment UpTrack marks the Shipping Stats as "Shipped".
You can directly visit PayPal documentation for detailed understanding at PayPal API

Shipment Notification

Whenever a tracking number is synced to PayPal. PayPal Issues an email to the respective customer informing them about the order shipment with the Shipping Status.
Uptrack provides an option to turn this functionality OFF or ON, under the setting page.
This shipment notification email from PayPal includes Courier Company Name, Tracking number(If Present), and the Shipping Status.
I hope this information, clears your concepts regarding the functioning of Proveway UpTrack.

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